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FORM QF482 Suggested Format for Fusing Procedure Specifications (FPS) (See QF201.3, Section IX, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code) Company Name By Fusing Procedure Specification No. Date Revision
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This video will demonstrate creation of a welding procedure specification from an existing PQR there are two methods that can be used to create the WPS from a PQR one method is to use the record creation manager to create a new WPS based on the existing PQR the other method is to create a new WPS by saving an existing PQR as a new WPS this video will demonstrate creation of the WPS by opening the PQR from the record selection manager and saving it as a new WPS go to the file menu select open the record selection manager will open allowing you to select the PQR that you would like to use for the world and proceed your specification when the record selection manager opens you can filter out what documents you would like to see in this case we will only want to see the pqrs are written in accordance with a SME section not after the PQR is opened go to the file menu and select save as new and WPS a new WPS will be generated using the ranges allowed by the PQR you need to enter a new document number in this case we'll select an existing number and put in a revision number you can now enter information about the WPS information for reference documents and scope can be selected from a menu or can be added to the menu as needed when you have to make the decision whether to add the item to the menu consider whether it will be used again in any future documents if it will it is best to select yes you can also indicate where the join details will be located for the WPS as you can see most of the information has been filled out in the WPS based on the information and the PQR you will need to enter the variable ranges that are allowed by the code as needed each process has a column generated for the filler materials each individual column can be split up to 5 times to allow for different filler material sizes and parameters enter the information for your WPS as needed by your company after this information has been entered go to the top of the forum and select the second page on the second page you'll be allowed to enter information regarding the joint designs used in the WPS and also the applicable preheat information for each code in addition to the drop-down menus you can enter text from the reusable notes feature in the world office software just go to the notes and select which know what you'd like to have entered if the electronic signature feature has been turned on you can sign the document by just clicking in the signature box to the right of the name if you have any additional questions contact SI spec support by calling number shown below or send an email to support at suspect calm